A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are Trashbag.

How to Play:

Left, Right / A, D to move.
Left mouse button aims your tyre iron. Hold to power up. Release to swing.
Right mouse button tosses trash in the air.
Right mouse button picks up trash if empty-handed.
Hold / move left mouse button to power up and aim your tyre iron.
Space to Jump.

The City is choking on a quickly rising-sea of yesterday's phones.

Electronics cluster in the streets. Wasters endlessly generate trash.

Take your tyre-iron and cleanse the world: Destroy the trash, and use it to turn the tables on the wasters.

A thick phone to the face will swiftly put an end to the cycle.

Ludum Dare Jam: An Unconventional Weapon


Trashbag PC 9 MB
Trashbag Mac 22 MB
Trashbag Linux 22 MB